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The company

Binamé Electroglove is a private Belgian company founded in 1980.

Company Binamé offers a complete range of insulating gloves suitable for electrical  live works.
The range covers low and high voltages from class 00 (500 Volt) to class 4 (36000 Volt)
Available classes : 00, 0, 1, 2, 3, 4

The unique process of dipping in multilayer latex ensure the gloves high quality insulating dielectric characteristics.
Molds perfectly reproducing the anatomy of the hand are dipped in latex.
The anatomical shape of the curved fingers allows manipulation and ease of gestures incomparablefor  insulating gloves, this provides exceptional comfort even during prolonged use.
Our gloves in conformity with the European standard EN 60903:2003 and IEC 60903:2002 international standard.
The Binamé insulating gloves even exceed the requirements of standards IEC 60903/EN 60903.
Our gloves are tested in accordance with the requirements of IEC 60903.
The insulating gloves as part of Personal Protection Equipment classified as category III (potentially fatal), are subject to quality assurance system under EC control APAVE notified body No. 0333
Today Biname insulating gloves are the ultimate dielectric gloves available on the market.

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