Insulating gloves are now mandatory for works on electric vehicles (including hybrid vehicles)

Gloves should be worn “whenever working near high voltage components; High-voltage components include :
– high-voltage battery
– system main relay
– service plug receptacle and fuse
– orange-colored cables
– inverter assembly
– electric drive motors
– DC-DC converter
– electric air conditioning compressor

Class 0 gloves are the gloves to be chosen for insulating protection
A supplementary protection requested by car associations are the mechanical and arc flash protection.
To combine these 3 protections (insulating, mechanical and arc flash protection) composite gloves  combine these 3 protection in same gloves.

ArticleClassAC Working voltageDC Working voltageCategoryLengthSizeBox testATPV
AFG36-0000500 V750 V DCRC360 mm8,9,10,11,12Class 2 (7kA/0,5s)26,3 cal/cm²
AFG41-001.000 V1.500 V DCRC410 mm8,9,10*,11,12Class 2 (7kA/0,5s)71,6 cal/cm²