Composite insulating gloves

Composite insulating gloves with integrated mechanical protection and arc flash rating.
Composite gloves are made from a natural latex base with an outer layer of polychloroprene and combine mechanical resistance and comfort with a high protection level.
The material structure of the gloves offers short circuit electric arc protection.
Bicolored, orange outern with black inner coating.
No need to wear overgloves anymore.
Three-in-one gloves combining dielectric, mechanical and thermal (arc flash) resistance.
Each pair of composite gloves comes with a pair of cotton mittens to improve comfort.


ArticleClassWorking voltageProof voltageCategoryLengthSizeThicknessbi-colorBox testATPV
AFG36-0000500 V2.500 VRC360 mm8,9,10,11,12<2,4 mmorange/blackClass 2 (7kA/0,5s)26,3 cal/cm²
AFG41-001.000 V5.000 VRC410 mm8,9,10*,11,12<2,9 mmorange/blackClass 2 (7kA/0,5s)71,6 cal/cm²
AFG41-117.500 V10.000 VRC410 mm8,9,10,11,12<3,4 mmorange/blackClass 2 (7kA/0,5s)42,2 cal/cm²
AFG41-2217.000 V20.000 VRC410 mm8,9,10*,11,12<3,9 mmorange/blackClass 2 (7kA/0,5s)74,5 cal/cm²
AFG41-3326.500 V30.000 VRC410 mm8,9,10,11,12<4,2 mmorange/blackClass 2 (7kA/0,5s)73,2 cal/cm²
AFG41-4436.000 V40.000 VRC410 mm8,9,10,11,12<4,8 mmorange/blackClass 2 (7kA/0,5s)87,7 cal/cm²


AFG gloves are category RC gloves according to EN 60903:2003 + AC2:2005 standard and have special properties increasing their resistance to:

1. R – Category R combines the characteristics of categories:
– A  – resistant to acid;
– H – resistant to oil;
–  – resistant to ozone;

2. C  – resistant to extremely low temperature.

3. Mechanical Protection

4. Arc flash protection


1. Our gloves have been positively certified in accordance to type test procedure of EN 60903:2003 + AC2:2005, these gloves meets the applicable essential health and safety requirements included in Regulation (EU) 2016/425 of the European Parliament and of council of 9 march 2016.

2. The manufacturer declares that each individual glove introduced into the market has been positively electrically tested according to EN 60903:2003 + AC2:2005 standard.

3. Our gloves meets the requirements of harmonized standard EN 420:2003 + A1:2009 „Protective gloves. General requirements and test methods.”