Pneumatic glove tester

The purpose of the pneumatic glove tester is to regulary control the general state of the gloves.
The tests consist of visual inspection by air inflation of the glove in order to detect eventual air leaks.
Inflating the gloves and immersing the glove in water will help to detect escape of airbubbles.


  • Hand pump inflates insulating gloves to check for leaks.
  • Tests gloves made from rubberized material.
  • Valve stays closed to keep the glove inflated for inspection.
  • Includes two elastic sealing rings to hold the glove on the pump.


Periodic inspection for gloves according to IEC/EN60903
National requirements with reference to periodic inspection and testing of class 00 and class 0 gloves may be considered adequate.
The tests consist of air inflation to check for air leaks, a visual inspection while pressurized.
Note visual inspection in general should be made before and after each use.


  • Insert the glove externally to the conical part of the pneumatic tester.
  • Block the glove with the elastics.
  • Insuflate air bu pushing on the red piston.
  • Immerse the glove in water for some seconds; verify the eventual presence of air bubbles escaping from the glove.